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Design and Realisation of Battery Powered Drivetrains

The Agni Motor gives up to 93% effeciency and it maintains high efficiency over a wide
range of loads and spees. It runs on DC up to 60 volts at which it can produce 9 Kilowatts (12 horsepower).
The low shaft speed and high torque enable the use of a simple, cheap and efficient transmission in most applications.
The Agni motor enables you to get the best possible performance from your battery-powered or solar-powered vehicles, boats or machinery.

Motenergy Electric Motors
With those Brush-type DC and PMSM Brushless motors the product range is replanished
by a light weight, high efficiency design model.

4 HP Electric Outboarder
Designed to be quiet for environmentally sensitive waters, this 4 horsepower Electric Outboard provides plenty of power for trolling and primary propulsion. Conventional outboard construction and design provides trusted reliability. Weight 30 kg.
  • Designed for 48 VDC battery systems
  • Electronic forward and reverse
  • Tiller and remote versions
  • Designed for 15“ transom (20“ version available)
  • Freshwater or saltwater use
  • Water cooled brushless DC Motor
  • Water cooled electronic control
    (low voltage warning beeper / over-current protection /
    stalled propeller shutdown)
  • DC volt Meter
 Included in the box:
  • Manual
  • Tether Switch
  • Spare 125 Amp connector
  • Unique hand cart / metal frame shipping container